Saturday, 9 August 2008

Partying Again, And Again

Tonight was our Commune 'do', at Taussac (the village just behind us) this year.

And I forgot the camera - so a boring 'words only' post. Sorry!

English friends, who are doing a house up in our village, came for the first time - and a great time we all had. Even got to smooch around the dance floor which cheered Richard up!!

We had mussels, freshly cooked over the barbecue, with the aperos. Then a cornish pasty type of thing followed by a delicious daube (the beef was still pink inside yet unbelievably tender - like cutting butter!) with dauphinoise potatoes.

A couple of cheeses and then a light raspberry mousse followed. All yummy!

The local Councillors worked hard all evening making sure we were well supplied with pastis, punch and every colour of wine. Finished off with the local 'champagne'.

We loved the fact that the food was carried round to all the tables on a huge door with two Councillors carrying it whilst another two served. Trouble was - the two serving kept on stopping to chat to everyone whilst the two carrying the heavy load became seriously worried! If only I could have got a picture.....

It was a super night. Ages ranged from babies to someone over a hundred. unlimited alcohol during six hours of enjoyment and no drunken problems at all. It was like we were in another age.

Amongst the first to leave, on our way back to the car we lingered at the edge of the boule court where a group of teenagers (students we know from our local lycée) were playing boules. We waved them good bye and wished them well. We hope our children turn out so well - teenagers to be proud of.
When we turned up at Taussac, guess what we found? They had had their terrain tarmaced as well!! So no dusty/muddy shoes tonight either! Our Commune is really getting value from our local taxes.

During the evening, the village fuse blew (when they overloaded their EDF tarif by plugging in the musical entertainment!) and every one of us from La Sesquière laughed our heads off.

We gloated because we have had our tarif increased, so this does not happen to us any more!

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