Saturday, 16 August 2008

Party Time Once More

We had a great get together at our place tonight. Us 4, 16 of our French friends/neighbours and 2 English friends. It was a special menu - we decided to introduce our French friends to Indian cuisine!

After nibbles, we had starters of samosas, onion bhajis and tandoori chicken legs - all home made, I will have you know!

Then Beef Dopiatza and Mutton Rogan Josh with pappadums and various side dishes.

Deliberately made quite mild - we still had our French friends running for the water jug!

The brinjal chutney did for them totally - luckily we had warned them that the chilli/lemon chutney was to be avoided at all costs unless you had an asbestos mouth!

And how do you explain pappadums.........we had already had to admit that lentil flour was a required ingredient and therefore, I had not made them myself!

Even though they did not eat very much....they still kindly gave us some wonderful presents! Including a cassoulet and a confit de canard. Is this a hint?! NOTE: opening a Curry House would not be a good business proposition in the South of France.
Three brave people came to our party.

Marian & Andy who are renovating their holiday home in the village. They at least (being English) ate the curries!And LeeLee's boyfriend who agreed to run the gauntlet of all our friends......Our neighbours' little girl fell in love with him, and all evening she was heard calling out 'KEVIIIIN!' Her Dad asked us who this Kevin was?! And we reassured him that Kevin was not English!
When we go out to our friends' houses here, it is usually an 8-8:30 start. Which, under the local timeclock, means anytime from about 9 onwards. That is what we call 'French Time'.

When WE have a get together, however, we say 7:30-8 'English Time'. Which means everyone French starts to arrive just after 8pm.

It has taken us 6 years to get this sussed. The number of times we have turned up at a neighbours house at the time stipulated, only to find them not dressed and the tables not laid out! But not any more....

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