Saturday, 2 August 2008

Party time Again

August is a very busy time down here. So many parties to go to!

Eric & Chrystel decided to hold their's tonight on the newly tarmaced boule court.

So a gentle stroll through the village, picking up friends all along the way...............with drinks at the far end! That is what I call a great start to the evening!!Food was cooked on the new public barbecue. A spectator sport, as ever.(Grumpy old women?! Who said that?!)

Juliette 'cooked' alongside her Mummy & Daddy - snails and beetles wrapped in vine leaves, using stones for plates. Yummy! When the sardines were handed round, Richard and I picked up our knives/forks and proceeded to pick the flesh off the bones - they were delicious.

And then we noticed the surprise all round us.

And then we were given lessons on the correct way to eat sardines, by everyone including Juliette!

You hold the head in one hand and the tail in the other - and then just nibble the flesh off whilst rotating the fish until all you have left is the spine. Just like eating corn on the cob.
We are a little village of about 50 people.

We have had a new tarmac layer put on our boule court to prevent shoes getting dusty and/or muddy at our parties.And a new electrical connection has been installed there to ensure that future get-togethers will not experience a blackout when the fryers are plugged in and overload our tarif.

Now that is what I call getting value for money from our local taxes!

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