Thursday, 7 August 2008

A Lovely Pair

I like having a garden.

I will even do a bit of gardening when it is really required. A little anyway.

I like growing vegetables.

And I love eating our home grown veg, knowing that I only picked them half an hour before.

I look at our friends' and neighbours' gardens and feel REALLY jealous.

And wish I knew better how to get my veg to look as good as theirs.

I watch our immediate neighbour, and if he cuts down his plants (once they have finished producing that year), I do the same.

It is a bit like having the Internet available over the wall. Telling me what I should be doing.

And this week, he cut down his dying artichoke plants.

Last year I did not bother. I did not realise that they grow back in the autumn ready for next year. And this year I promised I would do it when I should because I love artichokes, and I particularly love eating ones we have grown ourselves.

So that is what I did. And since I had left two artichokes on the plant (forgot to cut them in time!), they opened up and displayed their wonderful violet/blue interior.

My favourite colour!

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