Friday, 18 July 2008

Touring France

The girls voted on a day out to Montpellier, and so we set off early at 8:15am.

Richard decided that we should travel in from the North-West start of the tram system (Mosson) rather than our usual South-East (Odyssieum) end. You know there is something very sad about a grown man looking forward to a LONG trip on a tram.

Anyway, to get to Mosson meant driving first to Clermont l'Herault from Bedarieux and then across to Montpellier NW.

Rather than, as usual, along the A9 from Beziers to Montpellier SE.

As we wended our way, we started to notice that (unusually) people appeared to be parking and setting up their mobile homes along the route?!

Weird or what?!

I jokingly said 'Wouldn't it be funny if it is the Tour De France..........'

OK. Funny Ha Ha. Who the hell decided to arrange the Tour De France along this route ON THE VERY DAY WE DECIDED TO USE IT???!!!

So after a happy time in town, we travelled back on the tram to the car at Mosson, AND THEN HAD TO DRIVE ALL THE WAY ACROSS MONTPELLIER to come back from the other end of the tramway along the A9.

Not happy.

Hate cyclists.
One for Jan. Hope you are recovering and well enough to go home soon. Take it easy.

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