Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Nails & Legs

Xena has an epileptic fit about once every six months. There is nothing to be done to help at such times, we just need to sit with her and comfort her until it passes.

Today was the day for one, and guess what I did? I clipped her nails whilst she was ‘out of it’. She woke up and wondered why she did not go clickety-clack anymore as she walked on the tiles.

And don’t say – what a rotten trick to play on her! Please!

I just wish I had had time to razor the inside of her ears as well before she came to.
I took Nic shopping today – she is growing so fast.

How did I (short and squat) end up producing a child so leggy and slim! And she eats everything in sight! God must be a man. No woman would give another female that metabolism.

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