Saturday, 26 July 2008

Life Is Just Peachy

Martine and Jean-Paul kindly gave us another tray of wonderful peaches this week - they are so generous.

When they dropped them off at our house on their way back from picking them - the peaches were still warm from the sun! And unbelievably delicious!

After stuffing ourselves with fresh peaches, I decided to have a go at making some long term things.Peach Brandy Liqueur on the left.

Then Burnt Peach Chutney (who forgot to remind me to check on the bubbling pot during dinner?!)

Followed by Unburnt Peach Chutney.

And finally Peach & Raspberry Jam.

After filtering, we will even have some Peach Vinegar in the empty wine bottle at the back.

We are all set up for the rest of the year now!

One line in the recipe said 'crack open the peach stones with nutcrackers and put the kernals in the pot'.

Sounded so easy. Who writes this tosh?!

Twenty minutes later and I had to call in the heavy artillery. Richard arrived with a set of water-pump pliers.And finally after much swearing, we had cracked stones flying everywhere around the kitchen and Nic catching the kernals as they descended towards the floor.

Haven't the faintest clue if they made any difference to the jam. It still was a bit runny.

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