Monday, 7 July 2008

I Just Didn't Think........

....said Nic.

If I tell you that Nic asked if she could have some cereal tonight.

And that she got down the plastic box from the cupboard.

And that she then shook it.

I bet you can guess what happened next....
Today was a red-letter day for us!

In the front garden of the house where our apartment is, a large fish pond existed.

It was overgrown, starting to smell because it no longer had a pump aerating it and the mosquitoes were moving in.

It has been a pet hate of ours ever since we first viewed the property.

And the pride and joy of the previous owners.

At the last meeting of the new co-operative, it was raised as an issue and a decision taken to get rid of it.

Yes! A result!!!!

And today Richard and I helped the previous owners make it disappear.

They were very good about it (we managed to reclaim all the plants for them that meant so much to them) whilst we rejoiced silently.

It needs to bed down before we cover it with gravel, but it is SO much better. Trouble is I could not find any pictures of it ‘before’.

But here it is now. This is the new view from our front door.As we got ready to leave, we noticed that the resident frog had come back home….and was wondering where his puddle had gone. We felt awful, but Monsieur Daniel told us not to worry - he would put it in their freezer for dinner on Friday.

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