Sunday, 20 July 2008

Green Eyed Monster....

......Xena.There was Nic sitting on the floor stroking her cat Smokey who was curled up on a chair.

And there was Xena. Who noticed.And decided to get a closer look. And to point out to Nic that she also liked to be stroked.And to be cuddled, and cannot resist distracting anyone who shows the slightest notice of the cat!Jealous or what?!
Knowing that neither of us would be in a fit state to drive him home after last night's fĂȘte, Kevin stayed the night at our house.

Usually the cat sleeps with Nic, unless she manages to sneak into our room.

Last night, however, she lounged outside of one of the other bedroom doors. All night long, lurking.

And guess which room Kevin was sleeping in - Kevin, who is allergic to cats and avoids them at all costs.

Aren't cats evil!

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