Thursday, 10 July 2008

Felicitations & Commiserations

Happy birthday to my sister Lesley today - hope you are having a great time visiting Jane in Germany!

LeeLee is shell-shocked. So are Richard and I, and so are her teachers.

The bac results were released 'to all' on the Internet today, and LeeLee did unbelievably badly.

For a student who has consistently been in the top three in her class throughout our six years in France, and who got the joint highest mark across the whole year in the mocks just three weeks before the exam - this was a bombshell.

LeeLee's marks were those that you would give to a student for bothering to turn up and write just their name (and nothing else) on the paper.

We immediately went and saw the head of the lycée, who immediately said that there must have been a mistake. But unfortunately there wasn't.

Our big dilemma is whether to let her redouble or for LeeLee to go through to terminale knowing that she has so much to make up.

We can only assume that the examiners have marked her down for every spelling/grammar mistake and missed accent. But our question to the head of the lycée was - if this is the case, why had the school not been marking her down all along so that she would know what was required!!

They are adamant that they mark as strictly as the examiners but we shall have to see. We have requested a copy of her exam papers so that the school can check them out.

LeeLee is in turmoil and not sure what to do.

If she redoubles, we doubt if there is sufficient gain to outweigh the additional age disadvantage she will have when applying to universities in the UK. Also, to sit through all the same classes again when she was getting top marks in every one of them, seems a bit skew.

But if she goes through to terminale, unless we can ascertain the actual problem the examiners are 'seeing', the risk is that her marks will be just as bad in the actual exams next year. Unless she changes school....which causes other issues.

Lots of late-night discussions in the house at the moment, and for a long time to come I expect.

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Lesley said...

Many thanks for my birthday wishes! We had a lovely time in Berlin with Jane.
What a blow about Leigh's results! It does sound wrong. I hope it gets sorted out soon xx