Saturday, 19 July 2008

Dancing the Night away

We had our first professional, open to the public, La Sesquière Fête tonight, organised by our new 'Entertainments Committee'. And great fun it was. The newly resurfaced boule court with its new, public, large-scale barbecue was put to good use. The Committee had also managed to get sponsorship for the evening not only from the Commune/Mairie but also from local businesses.

A long bar was set up with lots of helpers. Although we learnt early on that it was best to order draft bière from the men - the women just did not seem to understand that you cannot serve 10 inches of thick froth! Richard, who funded his way through college working as a barman, was horrified - 'how come they weren't given lessons beforehand on pulling pints' he was heard to mutter repeatedly all evening.....

A little more practise with the deep-fat fryers will improve the chips next time, but the moules au curry, sausages and quail were delicious. After that, we all got down to the serious business of dancing. And yes that is me hiding in the middle of this lot!Richard however waited in vain all evening for the slow dances. These are never on the agenda down here, much to his disappointment! We still like a smooch, even at our age!

The idea behind these evening fêtes was to attract the large number of young adults in our area, where there is very little for them to do. It was great to see so many turn up and enjoy themselves. Out of about 200 people, the average age was probably about 25.The bar was open for eight hours, serving cheap bière and pastis, but there was an obvious and noticeable absence of any agro or excessive drunkenness. A bit different to the UK now, I think.

We bought 5 tickets at the tombola - and won the first prize as well as the 5th - and there were only five prizes!

So there I was at 1:30am strolling back home (not staggering too much I promise!) with a 1.3kg chunk of roquefort cheese.

Guess what we shall be having for lunch tomorrow? And the day after, and the day after that.....
LeeLee invited her boyfriend to the fête tonight, and what a brave boyfriend! All our friends in the village were peering round and over everyone at the bar to get a good look at Kevin.

Before hand they had ALL told Richard that they would 'get the sufre ready' - roughly equivalent to getting the shotguns out in the UK! Sufre is what they spray on the vines to kill bugs and viruses.
First of Richard's tomatoes!

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