Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Beziers by Air

My niece Lisa flew into Beziers-Vias airport (sorry, Cap d'Agde! Why on earth did they change the name - it is nowhere near Cap d'Agde and only gullible tourists would think it is!!) last week from Bristol.

Nic and I drove down to meet her, and it was so easy. Just a straight and simple 45 minute drive and there we were. At a flat field in the middle of an even flatter region.

What had been a little place in the middle of nowhere, is now a delightfully little place in the middle of nowhere with a free carpark and a new arrival/departure hall.

We knew the plane was just coming into land because it passed over our heads and then proceeded to park itself right up against the building so that it was barely 20 yards from the aircraft steps to the door into the customs' hall (OK, the customs' barrier) where Nic and I were waiting.

The plane landed 20 minutes early and it took only five minutes from Lisa walking off the plane, to getting into our car.

I LOVE this new airport - and I hope it is successful.

And I wish all the English 'incomers' who live in southern Herault would stop protesting and putting together petitions to get it shut down. The locals need and want the recent upturn in their local economy and it really bugs me (as it does the locals!) that NIMBYs are trying to muscle into the equation.
After picking up Lisa, I drove a couple of minutes further down the road to our favourite road-side stall - where they sell the melons that are growing in the field beside them. A whole crate of delicious, fresh and sweet melons for a fraction of the price that the shops sell them at.

Melon for dessert, breakfast and mid-afternoon tea......all week!

We drove my niece back to the airport this weekend after a wonderful week.

You realise that you know your nieces and nephews very much as children but not so much after they leave home and spread their wings. It was therefore super having a chance to get to know Lisa better as a grown-up, house-owning, working adult. Her parents must be very proud - she is charming and was a delightful guest. Come back soon! We got up early and had a true French breakfast on the terrace. The croissants, fruit pastries and fresh bread (with home-made jam!) were yummy - even Xena must of thought so since she nicked the remaining pastries whilst we were out! It was so early, we even got to see our mountain-climbing snails five feet up in our palm tree. The cat was jealous of the attention they got and wanted to muscle in on the photo opportunity. On the way back to the airport, we stopped off at one of our favourite beaches so that Lisa could at least say that she had seen the Med!

It was glorious - long sandy stretches and very few people. The plane arrived and disembarked it's load in record time and 20 minutes early. Everyone for the return flight was processed and loaded - before it should have officially landed! We watched it take off with Lisa on board, 20 minutes earlier than scheduled and it landed back at Bristol 35 minutes earlier than planned.

Faultless! And Ryanair!!

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