Friday, 11 July 2008

As Far As The Eye Can See....

...tarmac. All over what used to be the boule court in our village!

What are we going to do now?! Can you play on tarmac? How should I know.

Our new Entertainments Committee is running a 'do' this saturday that is going to be great fun. Live music, singing, dancing and food/booze. I keep calling it a bodello but it is a similar sounding Spanish word that they use to describe such an evening!

And that is why we have a new surface on our boule court it seems.....but isn't it amazing what it must have cost the Commune?! Just for a village of about 50 people?!

At least we know now what the lorries were doing at the other end of the village.
I picked our crop of runner beans tonight and they were delicious. Even if Richard claimed that they were stringy and not worth bothering with. That was just sour grapes.

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