Wednesday, 9 July 2008

All Curried Out

What is the best thing about having home-made curry last night? Having cold leftover curry for breakfast, of course!

Disgusting? Yes.

Do I care? No.
When you live in a tiny hamlet in the middle of nowhere where nothing ever happens, and you live in a house with a panoramic view of the whole place, you get very interested in every little thing that goes on. Some people might call it nosiness, but not us....

So when we got up this morning and saw a tarmac-roller machine as well as a side-thrusting, under-carrying hoe thingimy-jig at the boule court at the far end of the village, we just knew that Richard needed to go and get bread down the hill in the car. It is too early to be Jean-Paul popping home for lunch in whatever vehicle he is working with that day in the Commune, so will keep you posted on what is going on.....
Richard is back from his excursion, and not happy.

There was a diversion in place outside the bakers because of some road works, and it sent everyone up Hérépian high street to the roundabout that is the pinch point in this area. Where you have to go to go anywhere - north, south, east or west.

Trouble was, a huge earth moving machine had broken down at the rounadabout, managing to block three out of the four possible exits. The only possible exit was the one that led you round the diversion again, and again, and again.

Our local police lady, whose main job is usually manning the school crossing, was dispairing!

The locals, including Richard, decided they would try and get around the obstruction the other way anyway - and found out the hard way why this was not possible!

It was such a good idea to 'pop out' of the village just to see what was going on at the boule court....

Anyway, looks like they have laid scalpings all over the terrain?! Maybe in readiness to tarmac.

But surely that is not right? A petanque court should be uneven and therefore unpredictable?

We will just have to go and chat to some neighbours....but will walk rather than drive, I think!
Got any bored children in the house who love colouring-in pictures?

Nic's teacher at school told them about this web site where you can find loads of pictures that you can print off for colouring. Just choose your category and scroll down.

She loves it!

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