Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Yoga Evening

Today was to be the last yoga class of the term. We will not convene again until October and so tonight we were going to have a get together, after 'zenning' for an hour!

We met at the home of Bernard, one of our classmates, and Anna held the class on his lawn.

There is something completely different about being outside whilst 'expelling all your carbon gases from your internal organs' and focusing on relaxing each part of your body. Primarily bugs, bird song, and what looked remarkably like duck poo but even so it was enjoyable!

Afterwards we had champagne for an aperitif followed by a picnic made up of contributions from us all.

It was great fun, made even more special when Bernard and a friend (also called Bernard, just to confuse us!) kept us entertained. They sang a selection of popular songs whilst playing the piano/guitar.

A group of friends (all very different), a balmy summer evening, lounging in the garden and singing along to contented amateur musicians.


And no photos because once again I forgot the camera. Sorry!

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