Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Things Going Swimmingly....


Our doctor decided this morning that Richard needed to see the Orthopaedic Surgeon so he phoned up and made an appointment for this evening at 18:00 (that's France for you!).

The surgeon's view is that an operation might be avoided provided the knee is kept totally immobilised and is not bent AT ALL! Richard was just thankful to get away without a plaster cast.

Provided he keeps it straight, and hardly walks on it at all (!), the fracture should heal itself - gradually. After six weeks or so, physiotherapy will start.

In ten days time Richard goes back to see the surgeon who will then decide whether 'rest & relaxation' is working it's magic and an operation is not needed.

So this is Richard's 'home' for the next few weeks. The surgeon was from Belgium, and spoke excellent English. And asked all the obvious questions about us living down here - children coping, friendly locals, etc. Seems he is thinking of moving down here with three young children. It's a small world!
Nic's class are due to start swimming in their sport's lessons from tomorrow. So we ended up spending large amounts of dosh at Decathlon today - swimming costume (NOT a bikini because the boys will try and undo the ties!?), goggles, nose pinchers and flip-flops.

Doesn't she look a picture! The other class started last week - and even though it was thunder & lightening, they still ran the class. Health & safety?!
LeeLee learnt a valuable lesson in life last night.

Each evening she sits and 'talks' to her boyfriend on MSN, before going off to bed.

After she had gone up, I updated my blog and then started to shut down the PCs. And noticed that she had forgotten to shut down her MSN session with Kevin.

Luckily for LeeLee (and Kevin!), her Dad was not mobile enough to get across the room and read what was on the screen!

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