Saturday, 21 June 2008

Runners & Football

Returning from the UK, I wandered round our French estate and reviewed the progress of the various plants with the gardener.

The runner beans are looking good, said I to Richard.

They are bloody useless! I am going to rip them out tomorrow....or I would if I could walk, replied Richard.

Why?! I exclaimed. You have a bean! Ah - I see. That is the problem. You have ONE runner bean in total. Mmmm. Sorry.
We had a great meal round at Riet & Albert's tonight. A good mix of all their French friends, us (providing the English accents) and their son, daughter, son-in-law and grandson holding up the Dutch flag.

Or should I say - wearing the orange top hat. Later suggested by us all to be replaced by a Russian bear cap.

I had never seen a grandson, sitting comfortably on his Granddad's knee, be jettisoned so quickly in order for the Granddad to go and groan at the TV when the Russians scored in extra time! Albert will not live that down in the village for a long time. Nor the orange top hat!

Anyone for vodka?!

Not yet back in blog mode - I forgot to take the camera! (got any pictures Albert? I know you are reading this.....)

LeeLee was delighted obviously to find that everyone at the party also knew about my chronic morning yesterday. How on earth did they all know?!

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Lesley said...

What a sad show of beans! Poor Richard. We have 15 plant started, but they are only about 2ft tall at the moment. They had better catch up or they will miss the summer!