Monday, 2 June 2008

Official News Update

Yep. It's official. According to the pretty pictures captured at the hospital this afternoon, Richard has a broken kneecap.

It seems it does not matter how many times you say that it can't be, that it is just a torn ligament, it remains a broken kneecap.

It doesn't matter how many times you tell the medical staff that your knee never actually went near the ground, that it just bent quite suddenly when you tripped over the hoover head, it is a broken kneecap.

We await our Doctor's next pronouncement, but the X-ray Department Specialist said Richard might be lucky. It is possible that the broken off bit is not 'travelling' and might mend itself if the leg is kept immobile for a month or so.

Looks like the bed in the salon for Richard for the foreseeable future.
Friends have family visiting at the moment, and how lucky are we! Not only did their visitors kindly offer to cut my hair (it looks very chic now!), they also gave us some excellent white asparagus from Holland. Bought direct from a local farm rather than a shop.

I had never tried it before (did you know it must be peeled?) and it tasted delicious - with melted butter, ham and boiled eggs - the Dutch way!Think the cat fancied some.
The rain stopped.The sun came out. And Richard and I celebrated by dismantling the trampoline in the salon and rebuilding it outside. It fitted fine (I never doubted Richard at all!).

Then we heard thunder and the rain started again. Tough.

The dog was confused - thought we had had a burglary. But Xena was thrilled when she realised we had built her a shelter to crap under when it rains.
Happy Birthday to my brother Patrick! Hope your day has not just been work, but lots of good things as well!

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