Sunday, 22 June 2008

It's A Small World

We had a changeover of guests this week, the previous ones leaving whilst I was in the UK.

Hop-a-long (ie Richard!) went to the apartment to do the closing paperwork. The couple LOVED our apartment, wished it had not rained all the time and told him something amazing.

They come from up north, and are in Lamalou for a 'cure'.

Whilst walking down Lamalou main street, they unexpectedly met a man the wife had worked with for 10 years, some years ago.

They asked what he was doing in Lamalou.

He explained that he had recently bought an apartment in Lamalou and was living there whilst he sorted out a long-term rental tenant.

His apartment is the one directly above our one! Where the couple were staying!

Spooky or what?!
We had a delicious Sunday lunch with English friends who are visiting their holiday home in the village.

The husband's brother and his wife were staying with them.

The brother's wife comes from the north of England. Gateshead. And more specifically - Lowfell.

MY brother's wife is a Geordie. From Gateshead. And more specifically - Lowfell.

My brother and his wife lived most of their married life in the next road to where our friend's, brother's, wife was born and brought up!

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