Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Summer has finally arrived - it is 34 degrees in the shade!

But Richard is getting very upset - as men have a habit of doing.

He wants to know how come our swimming pool has a temperature of only 20 degrees whilst our friends' pool is reaching 28 degrees?!

I do not see what he is complaining about. At Nic's party a couple of weeks ago it was only 18 degrees and they all enjoyed themselves! (Nic thought it was a super party - and look at the cakes we made for it!)
Richard could still be heard muttering to himself at odd moments though.

Since he will not even put a toe (let alone his whole body) into the water unless it is at least 28 degrees, I decided to investigate.

And because women think logically rather than laterally......I went and bought a new swimming pool thermometer.

And guess what?! Our swimming pool is now 30 degrees! Aren't I clever!

Richard can now be heard muttering about faulty goods, misrepresentation and smart-arsed wives.

Even though he is due to see the specialist this Friday, even though he cannot risk twisting or stumbling on his right leg because of his broken kneecap, what did Richard decide to do?

Go swimming of course!

God, give me strength......and patience with the man.

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