Friday, 27 June 2008

Happy Hop-a-long!

Richard had more x-rays on his knee this evening. The radio man was not happy (found lots to write in his letter to the Specialist) and Richard got very depressed waiting to see the Orthopaedic Surgeon, convinced he was going to be told that an operation was needed.

But, how wrong he was! He has been given the all clear! As long as he is careful over the next two weeks, Richard can walk, drive and swim from this moment onwards!

Happy chappy!!
Richard is thanking his lucky stars that he only had to wear a leg brace because of his kneecap.

My sister Una hurt her back whilst enjoying herself going very fast over the water in her new speedboat. The hospital thinks she has fractured a vertebrae and she has to wear a body brace! A very fetching number we think, reminiscent of the Moulin Rouge!
Nic was off to an 'end of school year' swimming party today.

Brings it home to us how locals adapt to the higher temperatures during the summer. The party started at 17:00 to ensure that there was less risk of sun stroke and sunburn.

It is too hot now to be out in the midday sun....

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