Thursday, 26 June 2008

Exam Fever

My alarm goes off. I wake up. It is 5:00am.

Oh, deep joy. I am driving LeeLee to her French bac Oral exam today,'ve guessed it, Clermont l'Herault. Why does that ring a bell?!

Up at 5:00am, on the road by 6:30am, and we arrive about 20 minutes ahead of time. As you might have guessed, I drove sedately and not once did I go over the speed limit this time!

Great! Having studied her papers during the journey, what does she now do?!Her written exam was last week, and she sat it in one of the salles at the lycée at Clermont. And a very impressive salle it was - and I know because I had to walk in up the front to hand over LeeLee's passport and admission paper! As I looked out at the vaste number of students sitting this paper, I was a trifle gobsmacked.

Next to the lycée was an ancient church which is now incorporated into the school premises, and the main church area is now just another salle. A beautifully proportioned, newly renovated stone salle with a high vaulted ceiling.

Leigh said it was inspiring sitting and writing in such a magnificent room.

This is the outside - where I parked the car when we had time to spare this morning.
Driving through Bedarieux at the crack of dawn en route to Clermont, the roads were deserted and there was no one around.

Except municipal staff.....who kept on stopping in front of me!

First there was the guy walking alongside a slow moving vehicle holding a tube. He was pressure hosing all the pavements and road surfaces - as he does EVERY MORNING at this time.

Next there were the two guys sitting on top of an open backed truck watering all the hanging baskets....with a watering can!? As they do EVERY MORNING at this time. Finally I got stuck whilst the big lorry was emptying the underground public dustbins. The new interre ones that have been set up recently everywhere in our area.Doesn't anyone sleep round here?!
Picked our next crop of artichokes. I LOVE artichokes.

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