Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Busy - So Just This & That

Not much time to blog at the moment, so thought I would share with you (over the next few days) the various funny cards we got for our birthdays. For this one, also consider what a middle-aged woman looks like trying out her daughter's new trampoline!
With so much going on, I have neglected a lot of things.

Thought I ought to go and check out the garden - and realised it was time I cut our first artichoke of the year. Did not know that each one was designed to feed a family of four?!
In amongst everything else, I have a prescription for further tests that the Heart Specialist wants carried out.

I finally found the time to pop into the laboratory with my slip of paper.

Should have read it first.Seems Dr Labadie wants to monitor various levels in my urine over 24 hours. Charming.

I am now une Madame avec un flacon! The lady handed over this large container and gave me explicit instructions. You cannot imagine how complicated 'pee in it' can be!

This being Lamalou, she also provide a very chic, stylishly decorated shoulder bag to discretely carry it in.

I walked back to the car, nonchalantly swinging it, secure in the knowledge that no one would realise what I was carrying - when I realised that EVERYONE in Lamalou would probably recognise it!!
Decided to treat ourselves to a speciality of a local traiteur - a salami. Don't ask me what it is called!It was delicious, but very tough to cut. Richard nearly sprained his arm. Oh, God! Not another damaged limb I hear you shout!
Big congratulations to LeeLee. She got the results of her French Bac Blanc (mock) today. Over all the classes in her year doing the Bac Scientifique she got:

Oral - joint highest mark (she shared the top spot of 17/20 with the year's Genius!).

Written - joint second (she got 11/20 whilst the Genius came top with 12/20).

Not bad for a foreigner!! We are so proud of her!!
Apologies for any typing errors because I am attempting to blog in the dark whilst Richard is asleep behind me on the sofa/bed.

But how come when he sleeps in our bed, beside me, he snores? And yet on the bed in the lounge - nothing?!

Tell me - is it the perfume I wear?!


Lesley said...

Well done to Leigh! Quite an achievement xx

Jan said...

What a clever girl - congratulations! Jan x

Jacqui U said...

We are very pleased and proud.

But wonder how come she is also so scatterbrained?! Can't be from our side of the family, eh, Lesley?!