Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Zen, and Beauty

Tonight, in class, I started to suspect that Yoga and I are not really gelling. What made me think this?

1. Whilst welcoming the sun with arms stretched high and our noses and faces gazing up to the sky.....I am pondering the fact that one of the ceiling tiles is misaligned.

2. As we are bent double with our bums in the air and our hands flat on the floor next to our feet, forming a cage avec la terre.....I am noting that my left big toe needs to have it's nail polish touched up.

3. Lying on my back, at right angles to the wall with my bottom pushed up against the plaster and my legs/feet in the air......I wonder how on earth there are so many cat's hairs on my leggings.

Need I go on?!
The beauty of nature, and it's sheer variety, never fails to astonish me.

As we travelled into the village towards home, I got out my camera to try and capture the beauty all around us at the moment.

The bright lemon yellow of the forsythiais just starting to give way to the egg-yolk coloured gorse.The wild thyme is in full bloom and is often surrounded by swathes of incredibly delicate little blue flowers.Wild garlic is everywhere, as well as some unknown plants!
Plants are flourishing on our terrace as well.

Richard's runner beans are doing well. The strawberries are forming. And our first green pepper is looking good. We woke up this morning to find it had rained over night. Great for the plants, and look at the pearls of water hanging from the wire Richard has rigged up ready for the tomato plants.
The water is just a little bit heavy for the chive flower heads though!

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