Friday, 30 May 2008

Twofold Felicitations!

Not only is it my birthday today, but also that of our blog.

Can you believe it! I have actually managed to keep this blog up for a whole year!!

Give yourself a laugh and look back at some of the early ones.

All I can say is that the posts have gradually got longer, less funny and probably more banal. But so what - that's our life!
I have had a great day. The girls were up early and gave me their homemade cards - absolutely lovely and covered in love.

I am a proud Mum.
They got me a special puzzle - a three dimensional one because Richard was a little bit pissed off when I completed my one they bought for Mother's Day within 24 hours.He is timing me on this one!!


Alex said...

Happy Birthday, Alex

Jacqui U said...

Thank-you! Another year under my (substantial) belt.......