Friday, 16 May 2008

Touting For Business ......

......... I thought this was illegal in most civilised countries?!

Nic started collége (senior school) this year, where French and English classes are compulsory throughout.

She also chose to do (optional) Occitan as well.

The thinking behind this was: the girls have found that since they had to get their mind around learning a totally new language (French) from scratch, they have found it easier to pick up other languages. And we intend to take full advantage of this!!

Next year Nic has to do another language (compulsory) but can choose between Spanish and German. And she has been pondering this for some time.

Spanish - most of her friends' families and locals all speak this (as well as French and Occitan) so she could get lots of practise as well as being with most of her friends in class.

German - LeeLee is doing this (Nic looks up to her big sister a lot...). Nic knows that none of her friends are going to chose this language and therefore she might not chatter so much in class since they will not be there!

However the German teacher(s) have been running appreciation sessions - touting for business! And Nic is all fired up now to do German next year.

Occitan continues to be an optional extra, and next year Latin will also be offered as an additional optional extra.

Seems the take up for Latin has been slightly declining, so the Latin teacher(s) have also been running appreciation classes.

And, you have guessed it......Nic is all fired up for Latin as well!

Either these teachers are great motivators, or Nic is gullible! In which case, I have a hen's tooth to sell her......

Oh no! Great angst! The teacher is not sure Nic can do both Occitan and Latin as optional extras!!!!

And just to put another card on the table, there is also an optional course called European English that is offered to the top 10-12 students (across the year) in the English classes. They take them into debating subjects like the legal and education systems in different countries with an aim to make them thoroughly fluent and articulate in English.

And of course Nic would like to do this as well.......

Life is so complicated when you are aged 11.

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