Saturday, 3 May 2008

Short Holiday

During the school holidays, we went away for a few days for a family get together.

Richard's cousin and his wife have a holiday home in Villefranche sur Mer (just East of Nice) and for the last few years we have met up there each year for a long weekend. Richard's sister and her husband also made it - which was great. Since we did not go back to the UK for Christmas, it has been over a year since we saw everyone. Tony and Kaarina are selling their place in Villefranche and so this was to be our last get together there. Sad but also great for them. The world is now their oyster and they are planning lots of wonderful 'once in a lifetime' excursions. We wish them well!!! And are very jealous!!

It was a weekend of long sumptuous meals and copious alcohol. Well it seemed they had to empty their cellar since it was not worth paying removal men to load it all into lorries on route to a storage depot.......

Most of us around the table had known each other for between 30 and 50 years (!), and as with any late night drinking, we all had a super time and it was lucky that they have no near neighbours! As usual, we take everything for the first night's meal which is always an interesting project, logistically. We leave early in the morning, drive for many hours, and go 'ta da' when we arrive with a ready made banquet fit for a king. Remember we do not have anything approaching M&S food here!

So the menu?! Well we decided that we could do a poached salmon, filletted and then dressed in cucumber. Put back into the fish kettle for the journey. And it worked! Not a squidged fish in sight after 400 kilometres!! I hope you are impressed.

We send all our love and many thanks to Tony and Kaarina for so many happy and fun memories.
Of sitting drinking champagne in the glorious sunshine on their terrace overlooking the Med ....
(OK, so this visit it pissed with rain most of the time but that spoils the memory!)

And especially of Tony's signature cocktail mixtures at unearthly hours of the morning.....


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