Wednesday, 14 May 2008

School Friends

Nic came back last night and told us about her day. Or, more specifically, her best friend's day.

They had SVT (which is like biology and Zoology combined) which meant the class took place in the laboratories - sitting on high stools.

Nic is tall for her age in our family, but not in fact above average in her year. Her best friend is a lot shorter. So the two of them had to 'climb up' onto the lab stools and perch there whilst their teacher handed round their assignment.

1. Select your owl pellet from those on offer,

2. Dissect your owl pellet,

3. List all the things the owl might have been eating......

Poor Judith fainted at the suggestion of touching bird poo and fell backwards off her perch.
It was not Judith's week. She had been out cycling the day before with her family when she fell off her bike. She fell forwards and got a deep cut just above her left eyebrow. It needed stitches, and the hospital had to shaved off half her eyebrow.

After trying to disguise the 'problem' with mascara (Nic incredulously mentioned that her Mum did not have any eyeliner, would you believe!), Judith just had to put up with her classmates' hilarity.

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