Sunday, 18 May 2008

Puces & Bacon

Lazy Sunday morning. Left the girls in bed, and headed off to the marché de puces at Hérépian.In the background of the photo above you can see the Mairie (centre part), and the primary school (right and left of the Mairie) where LeeLee went for a few months when we first arrived.

Richard had gone along (at the end of April) with the girls to the collége where LeeLee was due to go in the September. The Secretariat had welcomed them and understood that he was wanting to arrange for the girls to start school.

She explained that LeeLee would start in the September at collége but should go to Lamalou primary school for the last two months of the school year. However she knew that the Headteacher at Hérépian could speak a little English - and so arranged, there and then over the telephone, for LeeLee to be inscribed there instead.

And so that is where LeeLee had her first initiation into French school life! That very same day, Richard took her along and was told to leave her and to come back at the end of the day. No ifs or buts, she started immediately.

LeeLee found it quite different. It amazed her that, as well as the normal formal lessons, the children looked after a fruit and vegetable garden in Hérépian. Each day one class would fill up plastic bottles with water, and walk down to the garden - where they weeded, dug, picked and watered all the plants. She loved it - although found the walk (about a kilometre each way) tiring for an English couch potato!
Whilst we were at the marché this morning, we decided to go to a local shop for some poitrine fumé. If sliced to the correct thickness, it is the closest we can get to bacon. A true Sunday brunch - fried bacon, eggs and bread! A once a year treat nowadays!
This family shop is a treasure house of good things. They farm their own pigs and cure their own ham, etc and make saucisson and patés to die for.

Trouble is, Rick Stein visited them and told the whole world how good they were in his French Odyssey series! Our little secret is known by everyone now!!


Jan said...

Sorry, have just realised that I said LeeLee was beautiful as a baby - but then I am into babies at the moment so forgive me!

Jacqui U said...

Jan, congrats on being a Grandma - the little one looks truly gorgeous!

How come my two didn't at that age?!