Saturday, 31 May 2008

Platella - Cassé

Richard tripped over in the house on Thursday evening and has been hobbling around since then.

After much pressure (What do you mean telling me it is OK?! You winced again in pain!), he agreed to go and let the Doctor have a look at it.

Seems he might have broken his knee cap - and so is off to two hospitals next week. One for an x-ray. The other for an arthroscopy to see what is actually going on inside.

If it is broken, then it is an operation for Richard.

He is SO thrilled.......especially since it is his 'good' knee. And not the one that has crumbled due to arthritis! Sod's Law.

Even more delighted when he saw the contraption he has to wear to keep the whole leg immobile. Not a happy chappy.

And not the time to have a 4x4 car that sits so high off the ground.
Happy birthday to my sister Una! Thinking of you on your special day - have a drink on us!


Alex said...

Richard, commiserations, best wishes Alex

Jan said...

First of all, belated Happy Birthday to you - but how come you all have birthdays within days of each other?!! Bad planning for pressies!

Secondly, commiserations to Richard. I hope he's not in too much agony, and I'm sure he's getting well looked after. Best of luck with the hospital appointments.We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Lesley said...

Oh no! Poor Richard! Will he be able to drive while you come over to Hampshire in a couple of weeks time? Thinking of you all.
Lesley xx

Gogus said...

knee injury just after nic gets a trampoline for her birthday, is there something your not telling us?

Jacqui U said...

Richard says thank-you for all your best wishes, and no jokes please!

Personally I think he sneaked a midnight bounce when we were not looking, but he swears not!

We will have an interesting time (logistically!) over the next few months since Richard will not be able to drive for some time. He cannot even easily get into a car!!

Yes, May is an expensive time for us! Richard had LeeLee on his birthday and they tried everything they could to get Nic to be born on my birthday!

But no way was I going to be in pain on my special day so I managed to get her out a couple of days before.....a mother's prerogative!