Sunday, 25 May 2008

Mothering Sunday

I have had a wonderful day.

The girls each made me gorgeous cards - and I will gloss over the fact that on LeeLee's (the left hand one) the glue was still wet...... She had a hard weekend. Lots of studying and baby sitting until the early hours of this morning, so I will let her off.

As you saw earlier this week, my water garden and fountain (my present from the girls) looks wonderful, and I also got a new jigsaw puzzle!

Luckily I sat up late last night and finished the one we received this week from my sister Lesley and her husband Steve! Thanks to them both - they know we love jigsaw puzzles!!!
My babies are all growing up so fast! I spent today helping Nic to defuzz her legs for the first time.......and I feel so old!
For those of you sitting in the UK and bemoaning the awful Bank Holiday is pissing down here with gale force winds!

Richard is fretting about my Water Irises - the leaves are being bent into the water (technical problem I understand with water gardens!).

And I am worrying about the chemin I cleared over the last two weeks. Might find it was not such a good idea if all the newly exposed earth disappears down the road into the village......

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