Thursday, 8 May 2008

If You Go Down To the Mint Today.......

.....You're sure of a big surprise!

Look what Richard discovered when he went to snip some mint. The biggest, ugliest toad.And the largest grasshopper (or locust?) you would expect to meet.Makes you concentrate when wielding scissors in amongst the herbs, doesn't it!
We had the most fantastic evening with our friends Riet and Albert yesterday. It is amazing how similar we all are - in our outlook on life and family, as well as humour.

Great fun had by all!!

Riet introduced the girls to this traditional game - looks simple but is very difficult and frustrating! LeeLee swears she did not cheat.They have been setting up their outside kitchen and I LOVE the blue tiles - my favourite colour of all time. I am so jealous! Albert - cooking the first course which was a delicious mixture of white fish, salt cod, squid, prawns, leeks, onions and garlic all simmered in a wine and tomato sauce. Wonderful to mop up all the juices with tonnes of French bread.It was a Portuguese dish but I have forgotten the name. I will have to ask them again, so we can try it at home!!

The main course was chicken marinated in lemon/oil and skewered with lemon chunks - and then barbecued. To eat, you sprinkled it with a special mixture that Riet made from a German recipe. You mix lots of lemon zest with rock salt and leave it for a day or so. You end up with a salty mixture of dried zest - an incredible tastebud sensation. On their last two trips to Spain, they picked up these two delightful fishes - christened Wanda I and Wanda II. They have so much character - and were so cheap. Riet & I have decided we should set up a business importing pottery from Spain to the UK and the Netherlands. We both LOVE all the pottery you can get at such reasonable prices just across the border - and are sure lots of people at home would want some.

Albert & Richard think we should stick to food & booze!
Riet had a special little book of thought-provoking quotes which you read and ponder, and then pass on to someone who would appreciate them. Her daughter had given it to her, and Riet has kindly passed it on to me. I feel very honoured.

My favourite at the moment:

The work of a garden bears visible fruits - in a world where most of our labours seem suspiciously meaningless.
(By Paul Brown)

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