Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Happy Birthday!

To Richard (21 again!) and Happy 18th Birthday to LeeLee! Wow - doesn't time fly! Here she is, an adult and ready to fly the nest, whilst it seems only yesterday.......
Eighteen years ago? What were we doing?!

I remember being woken up at 4:30am by a faint flutter at the base of my belly.

I was 9 months pregnant and the baby was due in seven days time. And we all know that babies are ALWAYS late - especially first ones, don't we!

The night before we had celebrated Richard's first night home after a week of night duty in the time-honoured way of loving couples the whole world over.

We had even joked about the warning given to us at our last meeting with the Midwife - according to her, three things can induce a baby to be born if it is over time:
1. eat a hot curry
2. make love
3. massage the outside edge of your little toe.

OK so the previous night's celebration suddenly seemed foolish in the extreme, but hindsight is a wonderful thing! And the baby was NOT due for another week....

I had planned Richard's last birthday as a DINKY (double income, no kids yet) down to the nth degree:

- long lie in
- lazy lunch of smoked salmon and champagne
- afternoon siesta
- meal out at our favourite up market Italian restaurant in Ripley (Surrey). They had two Tornado Rossinis and a bottle of old Barolo with our names on them!

Someone 'upstairs' was laughing their heads off at us.

I went to sit on the loo and realised that the flutter was now a regular twinge. Ooooo - getting exciting!

An hour later at 5:30am I was sure, and went and woke Richard up. Told him he was having a baby for his birthday.

I had never seen a person go from comatose to wide awake panic in two seconds flat before.

By 6:00am I was in serious pain and the contractions were two minutes apart. According to all the books we had read, it was time to go to hospital.

Richard phoned the Maternity Suite and was told:
Your first child, Sir? It all started just 1.5 hours ago? Don't panic - you have hours yet ! Call back in a few hours....

Half an hour later, Richard decided that this was it. However patronising the nurse had sounded over the phone, he was getting me to hospital.

My attitude throughout the pregnancy was that under no circumstance was I having the baby at home. No way was I being left with all the gory debris of birth in MY house to clean up, and I wanted every medical contraption known to man around me.

Richard drove across Guildford with a harridan beside him.
Don't drive so fast, I can feel every bump in the road!
Get there quick - I am NOT having this baby in my car! Think of the mess!!!

He swears to this day that he kept to the speed limit and drove really carefully - but all I remember is a journey from hell. Something from the Sweeney in fact.

We arrived at the hospital by 7:00am and when we told them that the twinges had started 2.5 hours before, they advised us to go home for a while.

Richard informed them in no uncertain terms that HIS WIFE WAS HAVING HER BABY NOW!!!! And so they had a quick look.

Absolute panic then ensued amongst the medical staff, and LeeLee was born 15 minutes later at 7:15am on the 20 May 1990.

And don't say "Ah, she was beautful!" Or am I the only person in the world who thinks that new-born babies are ugly?! LeeLee was born with black hair that rubbed off within a few days. She was then bald as a coot for nearly two years - and looked like Winston Churchill according to Richard!

Look - at four weeks old, she fitted into Richard's hand! I am pleased to say, she improved with time and is now definitely beautiful. Although at 6:00am this morning, I was not too sure?!
Motherly love - getting up at 6:00am to make your child banana pancakes for breakfast on her birthday.


Alex said...

Very many happy returns to you both. J, I agree. New born babies are normally very ugly! Jan gets quite upset when I mention it. But then she's being a defensive grandmother. Have a great day to one and all.

Lesley said...

Happy Birthday to you both!! I hope that our gifts arrived in time. Lesley and Steve xx

Jan said...

Happy Birthday to both LeeLee & Richard. Have a great evening and a drink - -or two - for us! Wasn't LeeLee a beautiful baby? And it's great to see she hasn't lost any of those good looks as she's got older!

Come and see us soon.

Jan xx

Gogus said...

Hi jacqui
if u want to now where the time has gone listen to chris de burgh
album road to freedom track 7 here for you with his daughter singing backing vocals.
happy birthday richard & Lee
love carol & john xxx