Sunday, 4 May 2008

Growing Up Fast

Our friends' little girl was four years old this week. It hardly seems any time has passed since she arrived - a beautiful and much hoped for baby. And to celebrate, they decided to have a get together yesterday - on some of their terrain, just down the hill from the centre of La Sesquiere.

First select your grassy area.Then drive a 4x4 vehicle down and back a few times to flatten the grass. Access on foot now possible! Set up tables, chairs and lay out the starters. Welcome all your friends and family. Voila! A party! Need more water?! Send someone up the hill for reinforcements. Need to keep the wine cool?! Put all the bottles in a large grape-picking bucket and place it in the stream running along side, of course! Main course? A barbecue.

First pile up some vine stumps and set them alight.Build the pile up gradually until well alight.Anyone near by keeps a look out. When ready, spread out the coals and you are ready to go!Put the pork chops into the grill baskets and get cooking. Trying not to drop them all on the grass when putting them onto serving platters...... What's next? Sausages!There were even some mobile dishwashers available to help with the washing up of the griddles.It was a wonderful way to spend a lazy Saturday - all seven hours. Relaxing in the middle of a wild, open area with friends. The sun was glorious and so Martine brought a bag load of hats for anyone who wanted to cover up. I did not laugh of course at Richard...... We finished at just after 18:00, and guess what? We all went round to their house at 21:00 for a dinner of leftovers!!
It has been a sad week for these friends as well. This little girl's Great-Grandmother died a couple of days ago.

We were not sure if the party would actually go ahead, but the family explained.

The Great-Grandmother was 90 years old, and until three days before her death was happily independent, living on her own in her own house with very few health problems. She was suddenly taken ill and died three days later.

They said they could not have wished a better death on her, and we all raised our glasses and agreed. Good-bye Grand-Mamie.


Gogus said...

its great to read your blog again we really missed you.And YES we're hungry looking at your menus,luv carol&john xxx

Jacqui U said...

I am not sure we are hungry at all at the moment! Too much good food and wine recently......

Looking forward to seeing you next month,