Friday, 9 May 2008

Friday Flowers & Fury

It's friday! Must be flower market day - so that's where we went.

I adore fresh cut flowers, and they are one of the few things I truly miss. In England we always had them in the house, but here they tend to be expensive and often dyed strange unnatural colours.

Therefore the friday flower market in Beziers is one of my treats - I get to look at and smell all the wonderful array whilst being very good and not buying any.

We wandered along checking out the vegetable plants and then sauntered up the Allée Paul Riquet admiring the flower stalls. What did I see?! Peonies in profusion! Something I never remember seeing in the shops at home - and they last wonderfully in vases. But they were 6€ a bunch.....

We stopped off at our favourite café and after a décaf au lait, we strolled back down the allée. Guess what?! The peonies were now only 5€ - so I succumbed and bought two bunches. They were a bargain and my treat for the year, or an early birthday present - whichever you prefer. On the way back we picked the girls up at college and whilst waiting for them to come out, I walked the dog. There were poppies everywhere - and I could not resist! I love poppies as well.....At the market we also bought some more lettuces (our current ones are filling out nicely!) and Richard chose some Roma and Coeur de Boeuf tomato plants. It seems the HUNDREDS of self seeding cherry tom plants that we have are not sufficient.......he potted on the first lot today. I also got around to planting out the geraniums - I just hope there is not a late frost as the locals are expecting (it will ruin the cherry crop I am told).
I get really miffed when I spend vaste amounts of money every week at the supermarkets, and they do not provide carrier bags. Not everyone can park their car outside their front door - and you try carrying bulk shopping for a hungry family of four every other day!

I have followed the recent campaign to ban plastic bags in the UK with indignation and fury. Given the amount of stuff NEVER recycled, why are carrier bags being branded the devil incarnate?!

Here we have to do basic recycling. Nothing too difficult to remember or onerous, but even so we easily fill a large yellow bac (dustbin) with stuff each and every week without fail. Why is this not introduced in the UK - rather than chosing an easy target to blame for all the world's ills.

We have been here six years, and have always used the same pharmacist in Hérépian. Today Richard picked up the last in a threesome of injections for LeeLee and for the first time in six years I actually studied the carrier bag it came in.Would you believe it?! It is a strong and fully functioning plastic carrier bag - made out of potato starch and is 100% recyclable!!! 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable!How come this possibility has been kept a secret from us consumers?!

It IS possible to produce strong and practical bags that are recyclable! We have been conned......

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