Monday, 19 May 2008


....and children free!

Persuaded the girls that they REALLY wanted to eat at school today so that Richard and I could get the last of the birthday presents for LeeLee.

Wow, a day out on our own! There is a God, and he must be a father of girls!!!!
We hit Beziers with the dog (not literally!) and stopped first to have a café and a croissant. This is the life!

We strolled up and down to the various shops we needed to visit - and realised that we had forgotten an important piece of information.

Monday morning and the shops in Beziers are shut. Specifically, the specialist chocolate shop. And I had promised Richard a large box for his birthday.

Bummer! Now we will have to stay all day!

Went and bought the makings of a picnic, and sat watching the world go by as we munched our way through a feast. Even the dog enjoyed herself ignoring all the pigeons.

On the dot of 14:30 Richard went and chose a selection of goodies for himself, and one also for LeeLee. Xena was not impressed that I would not let her go into the shop as well - especially since she was able to 'work' the door just like her dog-flap at home! And she does not even like chocolate!!

We enjoyed our day out - long live retirement!
My back aches and I have blisters on my hands.

I dug out the first six sack loads of rubble and soil from the chemin yesterday.....

....and then another six sack loads of the stuff. Note (1) that I had my ever present furry helper and somehow managed not to embed a grub axe in her head.

And (2) that I removed all the stones and rocks as I went along so as not to overload the sacks with weight. Whatever Richard says to the contrary, I DO try and make his life easier!

Just so that he would not feel left out - I let him carry and put the sacks in the car. And let him go and dump them on Eric's terrain.

I am generous like that! And misery loves company - Richard could barely move this morning, just like me!

We are innundated with wild asparagus which is wonderful until you try and get rid of it. I worked on this one plant for hours and STILL was left with a multitude of roots!

This lettuce's days are numbered! We are having the first of our home grown salad tonight and there is nothing as wonderful as eating produce only picked 15 minutes before.

We are having it with chicken roasted on the barbecue. Followed by the first of this year's garriguette strawberries. Look at this lot - almost a kilo! Just for us!Thank-you so much Martine!

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