Wednesday, 28 May 2008

A Day In The Life Of......

...... Nic. Happy 12th Birthday!

Last night, after the girls had gone to bed, we set about 'making' Nic's main present.How come, when a piece of equipment comes with perfectly adequate and logical instructions, the man involved always thinks it is not necessary to follow them?!

Richard glanced through the manual provided whilst I was wrapping presents, and then started putting the trampoline together.

Need/want any help Dear? I asked.

No, of course not.

After a while, I decided to help anyway because where the instructions said to put in place the first 4 of the 48 (!) springs at intervals of every twelve loops, why was Richard insisting on putting them in in every tenth one?!

Because it is not going to make any difference in the long run, he said.....

In the middle of all this, LeeLee arrived with the card she had made for Nic and her wrapped present. And she insisted on me taking a picture of them for posterity. By what age will a teenager learn that pestering her Mother when her Mother is helping her Father with something tricky (especially when he doesn't want help!), is NOT a good idea.

Once built, we could not get the cat off it!Every time we turned our back, she was back there. Even after we turned off the lights and were going to bed. The dog got really wound up....she wanted to be up there as well! Sorry about the poor quality of the photos above. Someone (who shall remain nameless) was heard muttering about reading the instruction manual as he showed me that I had the camera on the wrong setting........

What the hell is that in the middle of our salon?!Even then, Smokey had to get in on the act. Reading the instructions as insisted upon by her father (!), the cat had to be there as well. Well done! But don't hit your head on the beams......

We took Nic to Beziers so that she could browse in all the shops and spend her birthday money.

Stopped off at our favourite café for chocolate chaud and a pain au chocolate!
Met LeeLee from college and went to the only Chinese restaurant in the region! And ate far too much....
Nic had ballet, so I knuckled down and made the required purple tutu (don't ask!). One down, another seven to sew!
Birthday cake time! Then bed. A Happy Birthday to Nic - hope you enjoyed your special day. We love you very much!!


Alex said...

Happy Birthday Nic.

Jacqui U said...

Thank-you very very much! I had a super duper day!!