Friday, 23 May 2008


The cherry season is up and running, with the first ones available in the shops earlier this week.

They started at 10€ per kilo, or 7€ at the road side.

And finished the week at 6€ per kilo in the shops, or 3€ at the road side.

Supply and demand - the economics of of it.

Driving into our village, you could see it in reality.

Three fruiting cherry trees next to each other. The first in full bloom, with red cherries ripe and ready to pick. The first crop. The next tree was of 'white' cherries, pink in colour when ready and white fleshed. But not fully ripe yet. And the third tree will be the extra special morello-type rich claret coloured cherries. Super when used for home made liqueur....... but quite a while before they will be ready!Looking forward to all of them!!!
As with farmers the whole world over, the local cherry producers have been unhappy. They have been predicting and worrying about both the high winds and the low night time temperatures we are getting.

And with reason.

Look at the number of fruit that have been 'dropping'. All represent income desperately needed and sorely missed.
The grapes are coming along. Just hope the hail predicted possibly for this weekend, does not materialise!Goodness - I am starting to sound like a local.....

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