Saturday, 17 May 2008

Aches & Piles

The first, I have. The second the garden has. Not the other way around, I assure you!

I spent today digging a trench and then choosing and placing suitable stones between the arch. Thus forming a neat(ish) edge between the main chemin and the gravelled area between our house and barn. It was necessary to ensure there was a slope as I laid the stones so that when the water rushes down the chemin, it does not flow into the gravelled area. Hopefully it will work...... I had been carefully nicking the stones from the wall, and had two interested parties with me all day. The dog kept on trying to dig up the stones as fast as I dropped them into the trench, and the cat thought the dug up sandy soil was a dust bath designed especially for her!

Suddenly I heard a rumble behind me and saw the fastest moving tabby cat run back through my legs. Smokey had decided to jump up and over the wall - and got a fright when it collapsed underneath her!! Poor thing!

Even then, she was not sure she wanted to be petted and stroked. She can be so anti-social sometimes....

What do you mean - what is that long glass of ice cold rosé doing sitting there?! Workmen need refreshments too!

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