Thursday, 10 April 2008

Wij houden van u...........

.......Riet en Albert.

I am not sure, but I hope the above says: We love you, Riet & Albert!

They have kindly brought two carrier bags of goodies back from Belgium for us. Thank-you so much!
For a family who have not had peanut butter for over a year, we have managed to eat a lot of one of our presents today!

The two girls had some on toast for breakfast before getting on the bus for school this morning.

I had some on toast for brunch - after a lie-in whilst Richard took the Toyota for it's full service (money, money, money!). And Richard had some on a bit of baguette after his lunch today.

We all LOVE peanut butter!!
Books! Lots of English books were in the carrier bags as well!!! Goodness, we miss English books.....

LeeLee finished her first one by this evening.

Both Richard and I started ones last night.

When I came down this morning, I could not find my one! A thief was in the house....Richard had nicked it to take with him to read whilst he waited for the car to be serviced! The cheek of it - it is war over the books now in our house!!

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