Wednesday, 9 April 2008


....who would have them?!

I have decided that babes-in-arms (they don't talk or walk!) are infinitely preferable.
Two points to note:

1. LeeLee was off to a party in the evening recently,
2. I do not lose my temper very often!

Why are these two statements mutually exclusive?
(that was for the mathematicians amongst you!)

Because, as we now know to our cost, when LeeLee goes to a party she decides to take with her our only tube of toothpaste, our only hairbrush (she had broken the other one!) and our only deodorant spray!!!

The next morning, I had 'words' with her about what she had taken....only to then find out that she had also forgotten to bring them back!!! She told me that we would need to just drive to her friend's house in the car to get them!!!!!

Words failed me for about two seconds and then all hell let loose.

Don't think she will do that again in a hurry.
In the south of France, there is a lot of lavender - and most local shops offer a multitude of products made out of the stuff.

Several months ago, in a cost cutting exercise, we started looking for cheaper alternatives to many day to day items - including the bars of soap we have for the shower.

And, living where we do, the most reasonable alternative was (you have guessed it!) a lavender based soap.

Now perfumed soap would not normally be our first choice for an item that has to be used by Richard as well as three females....but needs must when you are poor!

So that is what we now use. And guess what?! It has become a favourite with the two girls.

Why? Because, as per all young girls, spots are an issue. And lavender is an excellent anti-spot treatment would you believe!

Since we have started using lavender soap in the shower, spots have virtually disappeared from them!!!

Richard is now outvoted - teenagers rule in this house where soap is concerned!

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