Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Some Insights.....

....into our life down here.
Today, at lycée, a friend of LeeLee's was sent out of the room for bad behaviour. The student yawned in class.
At a supermarket in Beziers this week, we saw the smallest possible jar of Marmite on sale for just over 10 euros. The equivalent of just over 80 euros per kilogramme. More expensive than top-notch smoked salmon and foie gras.
In her mathematics class yesterday at college, a friend of Nic's was caught using a calculator. The teacher picked it up and threw it out the window (the calculator, not the child!).

When the child's parents heard about it, they said - Serves you right. You KNOW you are not allowed to use a calculator!
Last month, a small packet of crisps cost the girls 20 centimes. This month, in line with so many increases in prices, a packet now costs 25 centimes.

As Nic came home and told us in an aggrieved voice - that is a 25% increase!!!
And no. None of the above are April Fools Day jokes!!


Samantha said...

Ha, I wish yawning was the least of my students' offenses! I sent ten different lycéens out of class today. Seven for wandering in 15 minutes late smelling of alcohol, two for using some of the most foul language I have ever heard, and one for sleeping in class.

So yeah, yawning - I wish!

Jacqui U said...

Where abouts are you?

I guess we are VERY VERY lucky! It is quite surreal at times.

What was even sweeter - the girl was not yawning to be surly to the teacher (as we thought must have been the case), but because she was .....tired!

Alcohol is just starting to 'appear' as an issue with students at our lycée - two in my daughter's class are drinking one bottle of lager at lunch time. Which is nothing, really, compared to elsewhere!

Samantha said...

I'm in Bretagne....but then again, I guess alcohol is a problem here for both adults & youth alike!!