Thursday, 3 April 2008

Post Renovation - This & That (2)

Today I made a quiche for lunch.

My well-trained younger daughter immediately 'went for the camera' when she saw how like vesuvius it looked when I took it out. She KNEW it should feature in our blog! Unfortunately it had started deflating by the time she got to take these pictures, but I am sure you can use your imagination!
I bought some little lettuce plants for the terrace last week. Ten in fact. When I finally came to plant them out today - I found they had given me twenty four! First I had to weed the bed to make it ready and, as you can just about see in these very badly focused photos, I came across the first of last year's tomatoes just starting to seed. We dig them in each autumn when we remove the old plants - because they self seed very successfully every year. And we have never come across such tasty cherry tomatoes anywhere else.

They are just about the only veg/fruit that we grow, that no one else in the village grows. Locals do not consider them worth all the effort for the return, but LOVE to eat them - so we at least have something to give in return for all the baskets of home-grown goodies that they give us throughout the year!
Nic has come home with two mots this week.

Each student has to carry a carnet around with them at all times, which (amongst other things) contains their photo, certified specimen signatures of their parents (so no pretend notes from parents saying they have to go to the doctor!), places for us to write queries to the school/teachers as well as a section where the teachers can put notes/issues for the parents' attention.

Any notes from the teachers (called mots) have to be countersigned by the parents to prove that the child has actually shown them to their parents.

Which brings us to Nic's mots.....

1. Maths class (seems to be a bad week for Maths teachers!)
Nic will refrain in future from dancing in class when she notices that there are just 5 minutes to go until the end of the lesson.

2. English class
Nic must wait until the lesson has actually finished before handing her best friend her birthday present.

So that was an interesting comportement talk we had to have with her this lunchtime.....


Lesley said...

Oh dear. Poor Nicole! The terrace planting looks good and I can vouch for the wonderful flavour of the tomatoes from past experience! Love Lesley x

Jacqui U said...

Too much energy - that is what Nic has!

I am hoping I have not weeded too enthusiastically - it will be a shame if no tomatoes appear!!! Richard will never forgive me!