Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Post Renovation - This & That (1)

Richard and I are both feeling slightly disorientated after so many months working on the apartment. Now it is finished, we are realising just how knackered we are - and have spent the last two mornings going back to bed and having lie-ins after seeing the girls off to school!

But don't tell them........
Getting a chance to do more cooking.

Found a bowl of egg whites in the fridge (can't remember what I used so many yolks for?!) and some left over strawberries - so decided on a pavlova. Never made one before but the girls were delighted! We don't have puddings generally so they thought Christmas and their birthdays had come all together!For info - I cut up the strawberries, sprinkled on some sugar and put them in the oven for a little while whilst the meringue was cooking. You end up with still firm strawberries but yummy syrup that I lightly stirred into some whipped cream before filling the 'nest'.

Maybe I should write a cookbook......damn. Think it's been done before.
A boy in LeeLee's maths class has been excluded for a week today because he 'cheeked' the teacher.

What really pisses LeeLee off?! He still manages to get a 17/20 average - even though he obviously does not work particularly hard at the subject!!! That's just not fair she thinks!!!! How can you be an idiot in class, yet so good at maths?!
Same maths lesson, and LeeLee came home chuffed to bits because she got 9.5/10 on her devoir maison.

However four students got 0/20 because the teacher considered that the homework they all handed in, showed too many similarities......

LeeLee's comment?! That will teach them to be cleverer when they cheat! Surely only idiots think the teacher will not notice identical mistakes being made by different students.......
It is not really cold enough to have the fire on all day now, but it does get chilly sitting in the lounge in the evening.

So Richard has taken to just lighting the fire late in the afternoon. Trouble is, the animals are not impressed!


Lesley said...

I often make pavlova, and liked your idea for the strawberries. I will be trying that next time!
Enjoy the 'post renovation' time. Some important jobs needing your attention will come along soon enough! Love Lesley x

Jacqui U said...

It was super yummy I have to say!

And I am sure this is the calm before the storm, work wize. We will enjoy it while we can!!