Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Once Every Ten Years.....

....Richard goes on a bus.

And today was that day!

The 4x4 had its big service last week, and had to go back today to have a 'clunk' sorted out. We have been hearing this for the last month when we straighten up after a bend. The garage man had a good look last week during the service, and said:

1. It's not the steering - super!

2. It's not the drive shaft - excellent!

3. And it's not dangerous to drive whilst in this state - that's a relief!!!

So what was it?! It seems the anti-roll bar has an upright at each end (I knew that) - and one of these had sheered off. When Richard was driving, I expect.......

Richard dropped the car off and then decided that his knee was in a really bad state and hurting more than normal. A trip to the emergency department was on the cards....so he caught a bus.

And was given a hand-written ticket. Yes!! Hand written - in this day and age!! Trouble was, when he tried to sit in a seat, he found there was not enough distance between his seat and the one in front - it was shorter than the distance from his knee to the bottom of his spine!! The French must be very short. Or maybe just short legged.

I said he should have asked for a refund......
Sorry there have been no posts for a while - no Internet again! Aaaaah!!

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