Saturday, 5 April 2008

Lobster Chaos

What have I been doing today? Other than getting sunburnt, do you mean?!

For goodness sake, it is early April and I only did a bit of gardening (on and off) on the terrace....and I look like a lobster!!! My back and shoulders do anyway.

But no, I did not take a picture for the blog. It is a little bit difficult to 'zoom' a camera over your head, as you can imagine.....
Simple and perfectly logical ideas, always seem to end up complicated. With us anyway.

We had two hanging baskets on the terrace last year - and they looked great. You could even see them from the main road!

So, there we were today visiting all the local places that sell plants, looking for trailing petunias. To plant in last year's baskets. And all they had were normal ones.

But we noticed that they had some wonderful ready-planted hanging baskets of trailing fuchsias. I LOVE fuchsias, and it did not take much persuasion to convince me that the price differential would not be large enough to worry about.... so why not buy them 'ready made'.

Technically, we should have got them home and put them straight up on the brackets.....but we didn't. We left them on the table until after lunch.

And in that time, someone (I won't mention any names, will I Richard!!) just happened to say that the new baskets were smaller than last year's baskets, and wouldn't it be better to replant the fuchsias into last year's baskets........

Sounded so logical. So simple. Just did not allow for the fact that fuchsias are remarkably fragile. Their stems break as soon as you look at them.

Anyway, they look great don't they?! And so does the glass full of broken off stems as well.
Planted the courgettes, After trimming the triffid-like honeysuckle, And potted the two replacement herbs. How come I have no luck with parsley? It dies every year after a couple of months. Wonder if it's the cat?!

Wherever I go, the dog goes too. So she spent a lazy day absorbing the rays on the terrace. And wherever the dog goes, the cat loves to come too - to annoy the dog. Who tries to ignore her for as long as possible, or until the furry feline lying on her nose stops her being able to breathe!
I LOVE the current weather. There is nothing better than standing on the terrace with a glass of ice-cold rosé in your hand whilst Richard barbecues dinner. Marinated pork loin chops, lamb kebabs and griddled courgettes. I did the last items on the hob - there is only space for one chef round a barbecue!!
The last few weeks have been all about a party.
A party that LeeLee has been invited to by her boyfriend's parents. A 'major' party being given by some friends of theirs.

A party that is taking place about 45 minutes drive away, starting after 22:00 and not expected to finish until 5 or 6 in the morning.

It started with gentle hints, asking LeeLee if she had a skirt or something special that she might wear. It seems it is a very 'smart' do.

Lots of traumatising and trying on of clothes later....and I finally say to LeeLee that she could look suitably smart, girlie and special even wearing trousers - provided that they are smart trousers. You see, LeeLee does not 'do' skirts if she can at all help it!

OK. LeeLee cheers up and starts trying on a whole different wardrobe of clothes. MINE to be exact - because I have a whole, now redundant, work wardrobe of smart trousers. But I do think it is a cheek when someone wants to borrow YOUR clothes, then spends all the time criticising the cut of the afore mentioned trousers....why aren't they straight legged? Why aren't they baggy at the knees but fitted at the waist?

Because they are MY trousers and I bought what I liked, and what suited me!!!!!

OK. Move on another week and LeeLee comes home having found out that Kevin's Mum is planning on wearing jeans! What ever happened to smart?!

So LeeLee starts trying on yet another wardrobe of clothes, mostly mine again - just all my black/grey jeans this time!!!

I won't bore you with all the gory details, but this goes on right up until this afternoon - the day of the party.

Finally, I get her out the house, and drop her at Kevin's house. I say 'have a great time' and do not expect to see her again until tomorrow morning. How wrong can a parent be!!!!

At 18:00 the phone rings. Guess what?! Turns out it is a fancy dress party........

"Come and get me quick and dig out my old English school uniform!" she yells.

I end up having to chuck her shirt in the wash, tumble it dry and then drive her back to Kevin's house.

So there we are, sitting round the dinner table after a delicious meal and several glasses of ice-cold rosé, when the phone rings. Oh God, don't let it be LeeLee AGAIN!

You guessed it - LeeLee again!

"Can you come and get me quick so that I can dash home and search for my old lab coat coz they need it for their fancy dress costumes!"


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