Thursday, 17 April 2008

Have A Nice Day!

LeeLee's boyfriend is one of the few people down here that does not speak any English. He missed so many lessons in his early years at college that he is struggling with the subject now, and is taking extra lessons from LeeLee - grammar lessons, I mean!

She came home last week quite gobsmacked. Kevin had no lessons after 15:00 the afternoon before, and so went 'into town' with a couple of friends.

They mooched around, a bit bored, and guess what?! Came across three English teenagers, who did not speak a word of French (Quelle suprise!).

Did they tousle and have a fight? Did they re-enact the Battle of Waterloo?

No! They all played football together until the evening!

Now what LeeLee wants to know is how can six teenagers who do not speak a word of each other's language, have such a great time together!
We are off for a few days for a family get-together. See you on Sunday/Monday!

No posts in the meantime, I am afraid. And just when the Internet is up and running again.......

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