Sunday, 2 March 2008

Summer Already?!

Last day of the holidays for the girls so no work today at the apartment. Just us all lazing about at home. And what a glorious day it was weatherwise!

We ate breakfast out on the terrace. We ate lunch out on the terrace. Nic and I spent the afternoon in shorts and tee-shirts. Me, I lounged in the seriously hot sun. Shame about the furry hot water bottle who joined me.....The animals spent the day outside with us, but sensibly sort the shade whenever it got too much for them!
Photos were courtesy of Nic, handling the camera work superbly. Wondering why LeeLee does not feature in any of them? She was still fast asleep until 14:00!! That's her idea of the last day of the holidays!!

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Lesley said...

Jealous or what!!