Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Safe At Last?

What can we say except - well done West Yorkshire police! All that manpower and hard work, and you found Shannon Matthews, alive.

Did anyone really expect this amazing result - after more than three weeks 'missing'? It shows that miracles DO happen in this sad world, a world that children like Shannon live in.

It is interesting to read the views being expressed on the police grapevine. The prevailing feeling is that this will be a very complex and (unfortunately) more unsavoury case than it first appears.

Whilst suspending judgement on the adults involved, note that an Emergency Police Protection Order is not standard practise on finding an abducted child. It is virtually unheard of.

Say a prayer for this little nine-year-old. She has to live through this nightmare, which is not over yet.

And will this 'case' be fairly reflected in the performance statistics for the West Yorkshire Police Force? Get real!

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