Monday, 17 March 2008

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall....

What have we been up to over the last couple of weeks whilst unable to post? I knew you would ask that.....
Mirrors in the apartment. Seems a simple enough idea but, with us, nothing is THAT simple!

Although we decided not to replace the bathroom sink/cabinet this year, we did decide to put the new mirror up that was included in the ensemble - since it also had a light strip across the top with a socket. Thought that would impress our guests!

Great - that was a good start. Of course it did mean that Richard had to rewire the only socket in the bathroom which was of course not in the right place for the new mirror.....

The mirror we took down was quite large and an interesting shape. Seemed a shame to waste it, since mirrors are expensive. So lets use it in the bedroom - everyone needs/wants a mirror in the bedroom surely?!

Great idea. Shame it was too big for the only logical place for it to go - where only 7 feet tall people could see into it!

OK. So we needed to go and buy an alternative mirror for the bedroom. Did I mention that they are expensive? And it could not be TOO large?

Found a sale on and bought one with a wrought iron surround.

OK. So everything else in the bedroom is currently white, but we always planned to replace the bed next year with a wrought iron one. Well I did anyway. Not sure Richard was thinking that far ahead....

The new bedroom mirror went up. With allowance for only two screw holes at the top, and a wall that is not straight, it ended up sitting away from the wall by about three inches at the bottom! We just needed to go out (AGAIN!) and buy those really strong sticky tabs that are used to stick mirror tiles onto walls. Need I mention that they are not that cheap?!

So once again we are left with a really large, ornate mirror that used to be in the bathroom, was too big for the bedroom and is now propped up against a wall.

It really would be a shame to waste it. Mirrors are expensive you know!

With only one room left in the apartment mirrorless (have I mentioned before that it is a small apartment?), the main room had to have it. Surely everyone wants/needs a mirror in their main room?

OK. Maybe a mirror in the kitchen is a bit odd but WE HAVE A SPARE MIRROR AND I DO NOT WANT TO WASTE IT!

So onto the wall in the main room it went.

We have one mirror left. The tall one that used to be on the door of one of the large wardrobes we dismantled and took to the dump.

Mirrors are expensive you know (have I mentioned this before?!) and it really is a shame to waste a perfectly good one.

OK. So it is a bit tatty and some of the mirroring has chipped off......but ideas on a postcard as to where it could go.

No, Richard, you cannot enter this competition!!!!
Today France honoured its last World War I veteran, Lazare Ponticelli, who died on Wednesday at the age of 110.

How do I know?

Because Nic came home from college this afternoon, telling us all about it. They had all stood up in class and taken part in a minute's silence. The teacher had structured their lesson all around the story, touching not only on the individual concerned but also the First World War in general.

Nic learnt, and will remember, more about this conflict than she probably will in any future normal history class.

We were impressed.
Happy St Patrick's Day!!

Wait a minute? Who says we are not to celebrate it this year? Just because Easter is so early?!


colin said...

Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
Who is the loneliest of them all?
First I am one, then I become two..
......Now go to my e-mail for the remainder of this ode to a looking glass!

Love, Colin

Jacqui U said...

Not good at riddles - but my first guess would be a cobweb?

Lots of love